Born in Suginami, Tokyo in 1982.
Finalist at the 30th Kido Prize Scenario Contest for “Samidare Imozamurai to Chiisana Imo no Hana” (Samidare rustic samurai and the Small Potato Flower) and at the 30th Creative TV Drama Script award for “Kazoku (Chineekaji) no Fukei” (Scenery of a Family [Cineekazi]).
Began writing plots and scenarios thereafter.
TV writing debut in 2006 for Episodes 30 and 31 of
“Chousei Kantai Sazer-X” (Super Star Fleet Sazer-X) aired on TX Network stations.
Co-wrote the 2009 theatrical film “Goemon” (distributed by Shochiku and WB) with director Kazuaki Kiriya.
Helped plan the theatrical film “The Vulture” (distributed by Toho).
Currently writing several other movie plots and scenarios.