We creators are all confident that we have original stories to make. Hence, we produce content by utilizing each of our unique traits. We observe market trends and aggressively strive to immerse ourselves in new media. We also engage in the making of creations that transcend borders and are universal in nature. This is our motto for the future.


MOVIE Whether it be photography, animation, a TV series or film,
our primary objective is to create original stories. Meanwhile,
our collaborations extend beyond Japan to America and China.

NOVEL A novel is a unique form of media by which a creator
can thoroughly exhibit his or her personality.
It thus requires another set of eyes for review.
We actively partner with outside editors so that the creator
can produce an ideal work.

MANGA Manga, a Japanese form of comics, are an inestimable
type of media that has won fans across the globe.
We have our own internal manga editing department, which enables
us to increase the value of a manga by placing it
into collaborations with video or games.

GAME Origamix is involved in producing many titles in the new media
we know as video games. For the games of the future
we will have to make strong brands and design game systems.
We collaborate with creators who perceive how this will all work.